Homemade Gift Ideas: The Body Product Edition

Gifting can be tricky, especially when the recipient has everything! However, there’s one thing they don’t have…. a handmade gift from you. Receiving a hand-made gift is a shortcut to happiness as it lets us know we are thought of and cherished.

Hand-made bath and body products are lovely to smell and look at, but they’re also entirely practical. A gift that can be put to good use and give joy over and over again takes the cake. On that note, we have compiled a list of the best bath and body products you can create at home with ease (even if you’re a beginner!). 

Why make your own body products as gifts?

  • You can cater the product to the recipient: A lover of pink? Make a pink-tinted bath bomb. Addicted to the scent of rose? Create a rose petal-infused sugar scrub with rose water.
  • It gives you time to get creative and boost your crafting skills: practical activities that require your hands, imagination, and a few measuring skills can be very relaxing. Block out a Sunday afternoon and dedicate it to a product-making session. All those lovely scents and gentle mixing will be sure to calm nerves after a big week.
  • It’s a great alternative to baking: sometimes, baked goods just aren't suitable to give as gifts. Allergies and diets put a spanner in the works. However, if you're used to whipping up treats as gifts...you still can, the body-care kind.
  • Have a little leftover for yourself! There's nothing wrong with making a little extra soap, lotion, or scrub for yourself to enjoy. In fact, it's encouraged! You may even find that your skin and wallet both love your homemade goods so much that you forgo store-bought outright.

What to be aware of 

There are a few little details to keep in mind when making and distributing your own bath and body products. The most obvious one is to check all products for health and safety! But more on that later.

The other key factor to note is that you cannot sell your hand-made products to the public unless they have been legally tested by a chemist. If you are considering a little business or side-hustle with your products, go through the proper legal processes.

You would need to obtain a CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report), ensure your marketing is within legal bounds (i.e., not claiming to heal or treat), and is microbially stable within packaging. However, we’re not making bank off our hand-made treasures here today, we’re talking about a simpler activity…gifting to loved ones.

To further ensure your recipient's health and safety, always add a "date made" label on your hand-made body products. Alongside the date, add a little storage note such as "keep refrigerated" or "use within 2 weeks of opening". A little research into the shelf-life of your key ingredients will help you to determine what to write.

Consider smart packaging

When it comes to packaging, think outside the box (pun intended). Instead of using plastic containers and jars, why not take the opportunity to recycle and repurpose? Second-hand stores are a treasure trove of jam jars and various class pots and containers. Ensure you put them through a cycle in the dishwasher to disinfect before use, and double-check that the lids are airtight.

Wrapping paper can be easily made using scrap paper (raid the work tray?) that can be dip-dyed or simply painted with watercolour paints.

The best homemade body products for gifting 

Lip Balm

Who for: absolutely anyone! Perfect for winter when the winds whip moisture from the lips. Especially ideal for those friends and family members who are always losing their lip balm (they'll be sure to take extra care of this one, however).

No matter the season, lip balm is always a necessity. It hydrates, protects, and soothes the lips while adding a sheen finish and mood-boosting scent. You can find little metal or recycled plastic pots from many online stores, or you can repurpose any small cosmetic containers you have at home.

Create a custom combo with a base of beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil. Add different oils to adjust the scent and properties, such as jojoba for moisture or a tiny drop of peppermint for invigorating the senses.

Body Lotion 

Who for: someone who doesn't treat themselves often and wouldn't think to buy themselves a luxury body product.

There are plenty of make-your-own body lotion kits on the market that provide a base and a variety of additions. However, you can go even more "from scratch" than that and create your own base.

Shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and other skin-safe oils are often the basis of a creamy, nourishing body lotion. You can also use other rich butters such as avocado, cocoa, mango, and apricot butter (all of which we stock!). Play with the scent profile by adding small amounts of skin-safe essential oils, or keep it neutral to avoid clashing with perfumes.

Bath Salts 

Who for: a tired Mum who needs a moment to herself! Anyone who loves baths and could use a little break. A keen gym-goer or someone just about to embark on a big sporting event. They can soothe their tired muscles with a good soak!

Bath salts are very simple to make and actually have some excellent therapeutic properties. Epsom salts (the bath salt base) help to soothe achy muscles due to the magnesium content, and can even lead to softer skin. Simply mix Epsom salts, sea salt, baking soda, essential oils, and any other additions (such as dried rose petals) for a calming bath.


Scented Sugar Scrub

Who for: lovers of luxury and soft skin. This is also a great option for people with sensitive skin as you can use only two ingredients: natural butter or oil and sugar.

If you've ever used an oil-based sugar scrub in the shower you understand just how transformative they are to the skin. Coconut oil or natural butters hydrate and soften the skin while coarse sugar exfoliates and renews.

Mix refined coconut oil with coarse sugar as a base. For extra soothing, exfoliation, and hydration,

Safety note: it's always wise to add a safety warning on any shower product that involves oils or other slippery ingredients. Slipping is always a risk, so add a note to take extra care to avoid getting the product on the shower floor.

Scented and Tinted Soaps

Who for: anyone in need of a little pick-me-up or special treat they can enjoy over and over. Soaps are great for those who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of handmade crafts.

Making your own soap is very simple and a great activity to do with kids. We stock a wide range of Melt & Pour soap bases you can customise with scents and colours. For example, the honey soap base offers the softening and antioxidant properties of honey which you can build upon with more nourishing oils. Or, choose the free-from SLES & SLS base for recipients with sensitive skin and add soothing ingredients such as olive oil and oats.

One of the best parts about making and gifting soaps is the packaging. You could create your own wrapping paper using pressed flowers, original drawn artworks, or abstract water colour patterns. Wrap your soaps and secure using raffia or ribbon for a picture-perfect gift.

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