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Founded in 2014 by childhood sweethearts Mohsin and Annissa, Craftovator started off in what was originally Mohsin’s childhood bedroom. Filled to the brim with mini racking to maximise the tiny floor space, fragrances were poured, and wax was bagged up for a growing number of customers. Quickly out growing the family home, they moved to a self-storage unit and soon thereafter, a small warehouse with an attached office.

With every growth spurt, larger and larger premises were required until moving to our current premises in Berkshire which is comprised of a warehouse and manufacturing facility alongside a dedicated showroom, offices, and meeting rooms.

We are still a family run and operated business in Berkshire with Mohsin and Annissa at the helm. Since our early beginnings in a tiny childhood bedroom, we’ve grown to help more than 100,000 customers, shipped out more than 2 million kilos of wax and more than 1.2 million litres of fragrance oils with the help of our dedicated operations, customer service and warehouse staff.

The one thing that’s never changed is our enthusiasm to help our customers achieve the same phenomenal growth that we have. We value creativity, adaptability and innovation and we believe in providing exceptional customer service alongside high-quality products at great prices.

We have the largest supply of fragrance oils (more than 500 at last count!) of any other supplier -meaning you will find fragrances on our site that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Not only that, but every one of our fragrances are manufactured right here in the UK, allowing us to produce premium oils at unbeatable prices.

Our range is constantly expanding and we’re adding new products to our website every day. From candles and wax melt supplies to reed diffusers, bath and body products, room sprays and more, we’re proud to support all our makers with quality supplies for every kind of home fragrance product.

Our work is reciprocal – we help you to achieve your goals and in return, we are constantly learning and adapting to ensure working with us is as easy and streamlined as possible. Whatever your goals are – from learning how to make your first candle to helping you build and scale your business, we are committed to provide valuable advice and expertise to help you along your journey.

Our values drive every decision we make in the company and we want to ensure that working with us is always a joyful experience at every step. We are a creative bunch ourselves and we know how important it is to support a creative community - nurturing your growth and knowledge at every stage. With years of expertise and a focus on customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to providing tools, products and knowledge you can trust.

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