Indigo Synthetic Mica Powder

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Indigo Synthetic Mica Powder

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Create mesmerizing shimmery effects in your wax the ethical way!

Mica powder is formed of light reflecting particles to create a beautiful shiny sparkly effect in melted wax. This is suitable for colouring wax melts either on its own or in conjunction with either dye chips or liquid dye for a greater depth of colour. We recommend experimenting and taking notes to achieve your desired ‘effect’. We suggest starting at about 2g per kg and increasing if you want a more dramatic appearance.

Synthetic mica aims to replicate the effect and appearance of natural mica, whilst alleviating the negative or toxic minerals that can be found in some naturally occurring minerals and also the human rights conditions and concerns associated with some of the mining of natural micas. Our synthetic mica produces more vivid and bolder colours, so more reflective products can be achieved when compared to natural mica. Some companies claim traceable mica that is mined without the use of child labour however the supply chain of this has proven somewhat difficult. As such it is easier purchasing a synthetic variety to avoid human rights violations.

Packaged in 25g bags.

Colour: Indigo

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to comply with all UK and EU regulations:

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