Create, brand & sell your own product line of handmade conditioner bars


Our industry-renowned recipes, ingredients and legal assessments make it easier than ever to launch your own cosmetic business in less than 2 weeks!

1) Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) Assessment

This is the first and foremost requirement. The CPSR is specific to the 'theme' of fragrance you want to sell your product in, such as fruity, floral scents etc. This assessment evaluates the safety of our expertly-crafted recipe, based on its ingredients and other factors.

2) Fragrance Oils

To complement your chosen fragrance theme, you'll need to buy a fragrance assessment bundle for those scents. These bundles have been curated to match particular themes and make it easier for you to shop. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can purchase the fragrance oils individually.

3) Colourants

Depending on your product and its appearance, you may need to purchase permitted colourants. These can also be bought either in a bundle or individually, providing flexibility according to your needs.

4) Base Ingredients

Lastly, you will need to procure the base ingredients for your product. The specific base ingredients will depend on the type of cosmetic product you are making.