Black Candle Liquid Dye

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Black Candle Liquid Dye

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Highly concentrated liquid candle dyes for professional results in all waxes

For an amazing depth of colour, our liquid candle dyes are unbeatable. Highly concentrated and suitable for all paraffin and vegetable wax, just add a few drops to your melted wax - we recommend testing different concentrations to obtain the colour shade you desire. Colours will vary with different wax/fragrance/additive combinations so please experiment and always take notes. Supplied in a 10ml dropper bottle for easy dispensing.

Colour: Black

As this is a highly pigmented dye, we recommend shaking vigorously for 30 seconds to mix the pigments and allow the true black colour to be achieved. If the dye appears to come out a khaki green shade when added to the wax, this indicates that the sediment that settles at the bottom hasn't mixed properly. We have had recommendations from some of our customers that placing the bottle inside a food bag and immersing it in a bowl of hot water helps the sediment loosen and enables this to be shaken easier to combine.

A mix of heat and shaking thoroughly will help the sediment loosen enough for the dye base to mix together. Once thoroughly loosened, the dye will be a runny consistency.

Product image shows results in soy wax with 1, 5, 10 drops respectively per 20g of wax.

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