The Best Fragrances For Homemade Scented Linen Sprays

Here you’ll find a quick how-to guide and the best fragrances for homemade linen sprays

Refresh your home in mere seconds with a DIY linen spray. Keep pet beds smelling like roses and impress guests with your alluring scent-scapes. Making linen spray couldn’t be simpler, but the fun part is choosing the right fragrance. We’ve put together a short guide for how to make linen sprays and a list of the best fragrances to experiment with.

What is a linen spray?

Linen spray is a clear, stainless liquid stored in a spray bottle designed to be spritzed over bed linens and soft furnishings. A room spray, on the other hand, is more like an air freshener designed to be sprayed into the centre of the room.

Why make and use a linen spray? Here are a few of the many reasons to make your own fabric spritz.


Aid sleep


Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to enhance and encourage restful sleep, naturally. Lavender is a well-known sleep aid, helping to calm the mind and bring about drowsiness (the good kind!).

If baths aren’t your thing and you don’t have the time for diffusers, linen sprays are a fantastic alternative. Spritz your pillows and sheets with a linen spray containing sleep-friendly essential oils before bed. The remaining scent will calm you when you lay your head down.


Refresh pet bedding

We love our pets, but their beds can be a little tough to keep fresh! Between washes, a linen spray is a fast and effective way to keep that particular musk to a minimum. Spritz your cat or dog’s bedding with a fresh, citrusy scent whenever you need.

Note: if your pet has extremely sensitive or irritable skin, stick to an extremely diluted essential-oil spray, or simply use a mixture of white vinegar and water to reduce odours. Because the spray is going directly onto the fabric, (not the pet) the risk of irritation is low, but it pays to be safe.


Make guest rooms all the more lovely


If you’re having guests come to stay, make the experience all the more lovely with a bottle of linen spray next to the bed. Store it in a pretty bottle (another chance for some creative DIY) and spritz it on the pillowcases and sheets before they arrive. If you want their stay to be extra memorable, let them know they can take it away with them as a gift.


Refresh your accommodation when traveling

Not all hotels, motels, and B&Bs are created equal. Some have soft, fluffy, sweet-smelling linens while others are crispy and smell of chemicals. If you encounter the latter (or you’re camping with well-loved sleeping bags) a linen spray is a must-have.

Stash a little bottle of DIY linen spray in your handbag on your travels so you can refresh bedding and clothing as you go. Those little pieces of comfort are always welcome during intrepid travels! Citrus and lavender combinations are great for this purpose as they help with calming and refreshing.

How to make a scented linen spray

Here’s what you need:

Cyclomethicone spray is a great addition to linen sprays as it evaporates easily, doesn’t leave any visible residue, and has great scent projection. Plus, it is safe for skin and won’t cause any irritation should it come into contact with you.

●Alcohol such as vodka or rubbing alcohol: many, if not most linen sprays contain alcohol as it evaporates without residue.

●Witch hazel: some people prefer to use witch hazel instead of alcohol as it is skin-friendly and has other uses (i.e. facial toner).

●Distilled water: water bulks the spray and dilutes the oils. The cyclomethicone, alcohol, and/or witch hazel help the water and oils to fuse. You don’t need to use distilled water, but it might result in a clearer spray.

●Essential oils: we recommend using essential oils for your linen spray as opposed to fragrance oils. While you can absolutely use FO’s, essential oils are just a little safer when it comes to direct contact with the skin. Since you will be sleeping in your linen, the risk of irritation is something to take into consideration.

How to make linen spray:

●Mix together 1 part water and 1 part alcohol, or witch hazel

●If using cyclomethicone, just fill your spray bottle with this and leave room at the top for the oil, the spray cap, and for shaking the bottle

●Add a few drops of essential oil to your base, stir or shake, then test

●Spray the mixture onto a piece of cloth such as a tea towel or old t-shirt

●Wait to check for any staining (unlikely, but always smart to check)

●Add more essential oil (just a drop or two) if the scent isn’t quite strong enough

Some things to consider

●Don’t add any extra oils to your linen spray (such as carrier oils like jojoba) as these will leave a residue and possibly stain your fabrics.

●Store your linen spray in an opaque or dark bottle to protect the integrity of the essential oils inside

●Start with only a few drops of essential oil. It’s easier to add more than take it out!

The best linen spray fragrances

Lavender (essential oil)


Best for: encouraging sleep and relaxation.

As discussed, lavender is the go-to, hands down winner of the essential oil gang when it comes to sleep and relaxation. During stressful times when sleep eludes you, a lavender-scented linen spray can help to induce a sense of relaxation. 


Geranium (essential oil)


Best for: reducing and calming anxiety, repelling mosquitos, encouraging sleep, and boosting mood.

Geranium essential oil is a real powerhouse with a sweet, herby fragrance with subtle hints of citrus and rose. Like lavender, geranium may help to relax and calm the body and mind before sleep. What’s more, it is thought to help soothe anxiety and even lift the mood during times of depression. If you’re not a lavender fan but you do need that little nudge toward sleepiness, geranium may be your perfect match.

Tip: Mosquitos bugging you? You may just find that a spritz of geranium linen spray helps to ward those pests off.


Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit (essential oil)


Best for: refreshing smelly pet bedding, boosting mood, refreshing travel accommodation, general pleasant smell.

It’s hard to argue that citrus is one of the most delicious natural scents ever; just think of a freshly-peeled orange, grapefruit, or lemon...bliss. In fact, it is thought that the smell of citrus has mood-enhancing benefits and encourages emotional balance. When life is getting heavy, or simply extremely busy, a vibrant scent can help to restore positivity and a sense of focused calm.

Eucalyptus (essential oil)


Best for: cold and flu season when congested noses and sinuses are common.


Eucalyptus essential oil is a fantastic option during the winter cold and flu season thanks to its decongestant properties. Eucalyptus is a very potent essential oil, so the heavy dilution of a linen spray is a wonderful use for it. What’s more, it has antibacterial properties which makes it great for pet beds and in between linen washes 


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