Solid Shampoo Assessment (CPSR) - Designer-Inspired For Him

Solid Shampoo Assessment (CPSR) - Designer-Inspired For Him

Solid Shampoo Assessment (CPSR) - Designer-Inspired For Him

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Solid Shampoo Assessment – Designer for Him

Please note that this listing is for the purchase of a Solid Shampoo Assessment (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) which will provide legal assurance that your product has been assessed by our certified assessor and gives you permission to sell your products legally in the UK and the EU.  

Our solid shampoo assessment is an ideal starting point for creating handmade solid shampoo bars. You will be able to create a wide range of finished premium products just by combining the base with the colourants and fragrances allowed within this assessment.

The base product, Stephenson’s Crystal SS (Solid Shampoo) is an SLS-free, vegetable-based melt & pour base made using soothing aloe vera with conditioning additives with excellent lather and good moisturising properties from a high glycerine content. The neutral odour provides excellent fragrance lift from the fragrance oils allowed within the assessment.

The addition of coconut oil to the percentage specified within your assessment will allow you to make a shampoo for:

  • Normal/dry hair types (with the addition of coconut oil)
  • Normal/oily hair types (without the addition of coconut oil)

Please see details below which will provide information on what you will be able to use within this assessment. Your assessment will be provided in digital format and will include your name and address. Any ingredients included within the assessments will need to be purchased individually or as product packs.

With a combination of 10 fragrances, 6 neon non-bleed pigments and 12 coloured mica powders, you can easily customise your products to cater for a wide range of different product offerings. Purchase the fragrances and colourants individually or within our product packs to allow the opportunity to test the combinations to find the ones that work best for you.

Please note, fragrances cannot be mixed.

Solid shampoos can be made in any shape, but they must not resemble any food items.

This Cosmetic Product Safety Report Includes the use of:

Allowed Base:

Stephenson’s Solid Shampoo Melt & Pour Base

Allowed Additive:

Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)

Please note that your assessment will only be valid when using Craftovator’s fragrances and colourants. Your base product and additive can be purchased from any reputable supplier but must be the Stephensons product above.

10 Fragrance oils from this pack: Fragrance Bundle – Designer for Him (Must be purchased from Craftovator) 

18 Colourants from this range: Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Colour Pack (Must be purchased from Craftovator)

If you are using the neon pigments, please be aware that only a very small amount is needed to colour the base. These colourants are very potent. For best results add the colourant to your fragrance oil before adding to the base. This will help prevent any pigment spotting on your finished product.

Neon Non-Bleed Pigments

Mica Powders

After purchasing your report, you will receive a submission form via email. Filling out this form provides consent that your information along with your personal details will be forwarded to our Cosmetic Product Safety assessor in order to complete your report.

You will also receive a recipe which will allow you to order any products you require and allow you to practice creating the products using our in-house expert’s recommendations.

Your finished report will be returned to you via email within 10 Days of making your purchase.

If you require further information regarding what you need to do once you’ve received your CPSR, please see our post Assessments & CPSR: How to Sell Bath & Body Products in the UK which will provide further guidance on what further steps you will need to take before you are able to legally sell your products in the UK.

**PLEASE NOTE** This assessment has been created by Craftovator, which therefore remains Craftovator's intellectual property. Distribution of this recipe is forbidden and may not be resold without Craftovator's permission. By purchasing this assessment, customers understand that we may take legal action against person(s) who distribute these recipe(s) unlawfully. As this is a digital purchase, there is a strict no-refund policy. We advise you to review your purchase carefully and contact our customer service team with any questions prior to purchasing.

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