Coconut Refined Oil

Coconut Refined Oil

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Coconut oil has a number of uses, such as an emollient for skin and hair where it is particularly suited to oily skin

It is also believed to help filter harmful rays from the sun and is commonly used to aid tanning. Refined coconut is a white solid at room temperature, it will turn to a liquid state in warm temperatures and can be returned to a solid state by placing in the refrigerator. The refined oil is generally preferred for use in hair and skin products as it has less odour and is a purer white colour than virgin coconut.

  • Refined, solid, white oil. Rich in saturated fatty acids, close in molecular structure to natural sebum
  • Helps to keep skin soft and supple without being greasy
  • Useful for foot rubs, scalp treatments, to condition hair
  • Waxy Solid, white oil. Used in preparations for moisturising skin and conditioning hair

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