The Best Scented Candles for New Mums

Any Mum will tell you that those first few months with a new baby are equal parts incredible, stressful, confusing, wonderful, sleep-deprived, and full of joy. There are many things a new Mum will appreciate such as a hot bath and dinner cooked. However, we can’t always give the time we’d like to as our lives have their own set of demands.

In the meantime, a fantastic way to show your love and support to a new Mum is to gift her with a basket full of treats just for her. Make the centre of your “new-Mum gift basket” a beautiful scented candle, or collection of candles.

Scented candles can help to calm, invigorate, ease anxiety, and simply add a beautiful aroma and aesthetic to a room.

Welcome to our rundown of the very best scented candles for the new Mums in your life! But first, let’s discuss candle safety for pregnancy and newborn bubs.

Are Scented Candles Safe for Pregnancy and Newborns?

Note: it’s always best to check with your doctor or pediatrician if you are concerned about introducing new things into your home. These are some simple ideas for how to use candles safely, based on reputable studies.

There are a few misconceptions out there regarding the perceived danger of scented candles. However, many of these studies are not conclusive enough to be taken as fact.

Make sure to burn your scented candles in a reasonably large space so the aroma can waft gently as opposed to concentrating in one spot. A scented candle made from non-toxic waxes with a gentle dilution of essential oils should be perfectly fine during pregnancy. In fact, it can be incredibly relaxing. However, run any concerns past your healthcare professional before going ahead.

When it comes to your newborn, it’s best to keep scented candles out of their bedroom. This is because a newborn’s tiny lungs and respiratory systems are still a little fragile. Light your relaxing candle in a larger room, such as a living room, during a time when bub is asleep. Or, lock yourself away in the bathroom with a hot bath, a soothing, non-toxic candle, and leave baby duty to your partner for an hour (easier said than done, right?).

Let’s get into the best scented candles for new Mums.


We’re starting on an obvious-yet-necessary note! That’s right, lavender, known for its calming, sleep-inducing properties.

If you’ve been up all night and you’ve finally got the chance to relax and have a well-deserved sleep, lavender is a heavenly aide.

Tip: create a gift basket with a non-toxic lavender candle and a dried lavender sachet (to pop under a pillow or in a clothing drawer). Add a box of chamomile tea and a feel-good book. While the new Mum may be a little way off sitting down to read, the treat will be there when the time comes.

Clary Sage

This purple flowering herb has been proven to help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety during high-pressure situations. During the first nerve-wracking weeks with a new baby at home, anxiety is a regular visitor for many new Mums. The lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and responsibilities A non-toxic candle infused with clary sage can help to melt away those nervy emotions so Mum can enjoy all the love and snuggles.

Tip: for a new Mum dealing with anxiety, create a stress-busting gift basket. Pack together a clary sage candle, her favorite treat, a pair of cozy new pajamas, and a lavender-infused wheat bag.


You may also know the neroli scent as orange blossom, that intoxicating aroma drawn from orange flowers. Neroli is not only incredibly delicious to whiff, but it can also help to reduce anxiety. Fittingly, a study was conducted that found that smelling neroli can soothe anxiety during labour (now that’s a strong aroma!). This is a wonderful choice for expectant Mums who love sweet, floral scents reminiscent of the sun on warm citrus trees.

Tip: create a care package for when the new Mum in your life is approaching that exciting moment when her baby arrives. Pop a neroli candle, a fresh pair of socks, a nourishing lip balm, and snag-free hair ties in a toiletry bag. Even if these don’t get used before or during the early stages of labour, they’ll be much appreciated once Mum and bub get home.


If you’ve ever read ‘Peter Rabbit’, you’ll be familiar with the tummy-soothing properties of chamomile tea (too many radishes or not!). However, the scent of chamomile is also wonderfully therapeutic, inducing sleepiness, and a sense of calm. If the special Mum-to-be or Mum in the throws of “baby land” is struggling to find sleep among the excitement, treat them with chamomile.

Tip: double-up and bundle together organic chamomile tea with a non-toxic chamomile candle. The tea can soothe a nervous tummy while the aroma sweetens the room and helps with those elusive zzz’s.


Imagine the smell of ripe lemons, freshly zested. Or, the smell of lemongrass leaves after you crush them between your fingers. Those positive, tranquil feelings are not mere flukes; the therapeutic effects of lemon have been proven to lift mood. This can be helpful for Mums suffering from baby blues or simply bogged down with sleep deprivation.

Tip: when the baby is settling into a sleep cycle and life is becoming recognizable again, many new Mums crave a refreshed home. They may even be ready to entertain again, or simply enjoy a little order. A natural lemon candle sitting in a stylish jar or vase is a lovely gift that adds joy-giving aroma and a fresh aesthetic. Throw in a bottle of wine and a coffee table book to pore over.


The soft scent of rose is not only soothing, but it can help to ease pain. This is ideal for a new Mum just home from the hospital and learning to feed. Interestingly, a study was conducted showing that rose scent helped to ease anxiety in women during labour and birth. If you’re looking for a sweet token for your partner who is about to bring your first baby into the world, a rose candle is a lovely idea.

Tip: rose essential oils, when diluted, make an incredibly relaxing bath. Bundle together a bottle of pure rose oil and a non-toxic rose soy candle. When the baby is asleep and the new Mum and has a spare moment to herself, she can run a rose bath and relax. What’s more, rose oil has antibacterial properties; a soothing and healing bath, yes please.


The vibrant yellow flower from tropical lands is a common ingredient in fragrances for its sweet, floral aroma. Aside from smelling gorgeous, ylang-ylang essential oil, when diffused or added to candles, has soothing benefits. Studies have been conducted to find out whether ylang-ylang has an effect on self-esteem and mood, and the results were positive! (Excuse the pun). Show a new Mum just how wonderful they are with a sweet ylang-ylang candle as they navigate the amazing-yet-scary world of motherhood.

Tip: For something a little different, pick a beautiful oil burner, pure ylang-ylang oil, and a pack of non-toxic tealights.

Whether you’re an expecting or new Mum, or you have one in your life, a scented candle is a perfect gift. It can create a sense of calm, encourage positive emotions, and create a tranquil environment.

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